Other Curriculum Areas


School Camps

Our Year 4 students go on a yearly  end of year camp to TOPEC for 2 nights where they learn about river safety, do rock climbing, tramping, flying kiwi, low ropes and other team building activities


Year 5-6

Our Year 5-6 students go on odd Years to Totora Springs in Waikato for 3 nights and 4 days where they do lots of confidence and team building activities such as abseiling, raft building, archery, human fooz ball etc

On even years we go to Rotorua and do confidence and team building such as horse riding, kayaking, flying kiwi, luge and zip lining


Kapa Haka

All of our students take part in kapa haka one afternoon a week. All of our boys learn at least 2 hakas. We perform in at least one festival a year.



School Production

Every 2 years we hold a whole school production


School Hangi



We have a lovely heated pool and swim in Term 4 and Term 1. We pay swim instructors for some of the time to ensure our students receive the best instruction possible.


Loose Parts Play

We are lucky to have loose parts equipment available to foster creation and innovation.


STEAM- Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths

Our release teacher Carolyn Parker, teaches STEAM when she comes into classrooms. 


School Triathlon

All of our students take part in school triathlon.

Year 4-6- run, bike up the road, swim in our school pool.

Year 1-3- run, bike round school and swim in our school pool


Cluster sports

We have cluster cross country, swimming and tryathlon

We also  take part in rugby, netball and soccer and play against other North Taranaki schools.


Gifted and Talented

One day school opportunity, for gifted and talented students. Parents have to pay a small amount and transport students to the venue. This is where students of like minds can spend the day together.


Enviro Learning

We are an Enviro School and take great pride in caring for our environment and teaching our students how to use sustainable practices. We have a school vege garden and glasshouse, we have litterless lunches, we have enviro leaders who lead enviro practices across the school. We have students who trap pests in our bush area. We love to take action to make a difference. All of our students ideas are valued. 

Supporters and Sponsors

Parents, please support our local businesses

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