Tikorangi School Localised Curriculum

Here at Tikorangi School, we want our learners to be curious active thinkers who know what they are learning and why it is important to their lives. We also teach our students about growth mindset and how to be a good learner.

Our School Vision is integrated into everything we do

Think Act Impact

Empowered curious thinkers who live our school values and thrive


Structured Literacy

We teach reading using a structured literacy approach and have done so for many years. Teaching structured literacy is an evidence based approach which sees success for all.

We have a teacher aide in every class at reading time to ensure extra support is given to students who need it.

We teach an hour of reading, writing and maths daily and have done for many years.


Localised Curriculum

Our localised curriculum is called Whakaaro and is our localised thinking curriculum where the NZ curriculum is covered in ways that encourage our students to think critically, make sense of the world around them and how it relates to their lives.

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Our classroom release teacher teaches Science, Technology, Art and Maths(STEAM) so every student is exposed to this weekly.

Supporters and Sponsors

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