Sport is an important part of school life at Tikorangi School. We pride ourselves on having plenty of opportunities for the children both during and outside of classroom time. 

Over the winter months the children can be seen representing the school in Year 5-6 interschool exchanges  in netball, soccer and rugby with basketball after school.  We then also work closely with the local clubs for the children who wish to play Soccer and rugby.   During the school year there are various tournaments and events run, which we attend  both girls and boys cricket, touch rugby, tennis,  rippa rugby and sevens rugby.  Additional to this we have various annual sports exchanges as well as our own school swimming, athletics, triathlon and cross country days.

We have our own heated swimming pool and the children swim in Terms 1 and Term 4.

As you can see sport is alive and well at Tikorangi School and we are working hard to ensure all levels and abilities are catered for so that everyone can see the enormous benefits sport and being physically active can provide.