Learning to Learn: We will encourage students to take pride in all they do and to achieve a personal sense of quality. To achieve this they will need to be helped to assess their own work and behavior, reflect on the learning process and develop the ability to know what decision to make next.

Community Engagement: Learners achieve where this is an open communication between home, school and community. School direction will be a shared journey and the school will actively engage the community.

Coherence: Learners achieve in authentic, integrated contexts where resources are used effectively and where connections, and alignment are made to other learning areas, to put new ideas into practice. Learning will build on previous learning for profound learning to happen.

Cultural Diversity: Learners cultural backgrounds are acknowledged and valued and the school environment will reflects this. Diversity will be celebrated and used to benefit all ?konga.

High Expectations: All learners will be expected to achieve, want to achieve and this will be attained through all staff expecting and pushing for fluid learning progress of all ?konga.

Treaty of Waitangi: Te Tiriti o Waitangi is the founding NZ document, students have opportunities to acquire Re Reo Maori me ona Tikanga

Inclusion: All learners and their families need to feel acceptance, belonging, affirmation, ownership and a sense of confidence and security in our learning environment.

Future Focus: Learners will be able to explore future focused issue s through our curriculum delivery.

Rangatiratanga: Teacher Effectiveness

Whangaungatanga: Relationships

Awhinatanga: Guiding and Supporting

Manaakitanga: Integrity, sincerity, respect

Pono: Having self-belief

Wananga: Sharing of knowledge


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