In order to avoid overcrowding, the Tikorangi School Board of Trusees is adopting an enrolment scheme (zone), under the guidance of the Ministry of Education.

Under the proposed scheme, students are entitled to be automatically enrolled if they live within the home zone described below.

In a clockwise direction the zone is defined as:

SH3 Waitara River bridge, eastern side, to Ohanga Road. All properties on the southern side (mountain side) of SH3 to Ohanga Road.

Ohanga Road, both sides of the road including #37.

Ohanga Road to Ferguson Road.

Ferguson Road to Foreman Road, including 190 Foreman Road.

Foreman Road, both sides of the road, to the junction of Otaraoa Road.

Left onto Otaraoa Road to the Tarata tunnel, both sides of Otaraoa Road from 1279 Otaraoa Road 1633 Otaraoa Road.

From the Tarata tunnel along the Easter side of the Waitara River to the Waitara River bridge.Tikorangi School Zone