• When your child is being kept home from school, for whatever reason, please notify the office. The school must be advised. If you know in advance your child will not be at school please advise the office by a note, phone, text 027 2646631 or in person.
  • Child lead assemblies happen every second Friday at 2pm. You will be notified in school newsletters as to which class is leading each week.
  • Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, unsalted seeds, rice crackers are considered brain food. All students need a healthy snack for their brain food break. Water is the only drink allowed for brain food breaks; cordials and juice is fine for morning tea and lunch times.
  • Tikorangi School has two buses, one from Waitara (the town bus) and one that brings our rural children to school. The town bus has a cost and rates may be subject to change. Currently the cost is $180 for one child per term or $230 for 2 children per term.  Weekly for one child, it is $20, 2 children $30 and 3+ children is $35. The school office must be text/called by 2:15pm if a bus child is not to go on the bus. We will not take a child’s word, we must hear from you.
  • Tikorangi School has a school shirt that is required for sports teams and cluster sporting events. We sell the shirts at $28 each. Tikorangi School has a school bucket hat, navy blue in colour. These can be purchased from the office and are $10. These must be worn in terms 1 and 4. All clothing and footwear worn at school should be named.
  • The local dental nurse will contact you about about appointment times for your child. Dental care is provided at Manukorihi Intermediate School.
  • Learning time 1: 8:50am – 10:30am

    20 minute morning tea time.

    Learning time 2: 11:50am – 12:20pm

    60 minute lunch time.

    Learning time 3: 1:20pm – 2:50pm.

  • Visit the school and meet with Kerry the Principal. Have a look around

    and ask lots of questions. Take an enrolment pack. Put your child’s name on the future enrolments roster.

    Two months from your child starting school, contact the school office and organise a series of 4 transition visits. 

    Several days out from your child starting school, hand in the paperwork provided in the New Entrant pack. This is the enrolment form, contacts list, EOTC permission slip and medical form. You will need to bring in a birth certificate or passport for your child as proof

    of residency and their immunisation record also.

  • If you need to pick up your child early, you will need to sign them out at the office, collect a yellow withdrawal slip and take that to the class teacher.
  • At Tikorangi School, the goal of homework is to reinforce learning and not be tedious or too time intensive. Homework is much more powerful when it is supported by parents or caregivers but it should never be an argument. Your child will receive regular homework, little and often. Reading is one of the most powerful activities you can do with your children. Where ever possible, read to your children, listen to them read and get them to read with you. Make reading a fun and memorable time.
  • Within the first year of school your child will receive a free Vision and Hearing check, conducted by a technician from Taranaki Healthcare. The results are recorded on your childs medical card, and you will be directly contacted if the test highlights any problems.
  • A comprehensive newsletter goes home on Fridays of term with bulletins/other notices going out as needed. The newsletters work an a 3 week rotation of full news, bulletin and class news. You can access the full colour newsletters at our website.

    If you can not access the internet, you can put your name on the paper list, that your child’s teacher holds, to receive a hardcopy instead.

  • We are a nit check school, with the support of our local Public Health Nurse. Students will be checked if we identify a class and/or school problem.
  • Due to several children with severe (anaphylactic) nut allergies, we are a nut free school. No peanut butter, nuts etc in lunches.
  • If you need to speak with Paul, check his availability at the office.

    Whilst he is away on study leave, Rachel Olson (Terms 1 & 2) and Hamish Hislop (Terms 3 & 4) will be acting principals. In you need to contact the principal at any time, please make contact with the school office.

  • Face to face learning interviews with the children present and actively involved happen mid Term 1 (for goal setting after major assessments have happened) and early in Term 3 after Year 4, 5, and 6 midyear progress reports have gone home. 

    A full written report will go home late in Term 4 for every child.

    If at any stage you need to meet with the teacher then please come in and let us know how we can help.

  • To enhance the learning experiences of our students trips out of the class and away from school are very important. Specific notices or slips in the newsletters will require you to give us permission to take your children on excursions for sports events, cultural activities and alike. Children can not attend trips without parental/caregiver permission. We will often require your help to transport children to and from these events in order for them to go ahead.
  • Stationery lists go home at the end of every school year in preparation for the year ahead, or can be requested at the school office.
  • Triathlon Yr 1-6

    Swimming Sports

    Coastal Walkway walk

    Beach Education

    Grandparents Day Term 2

    Book week Term 2

    Cluster sports and cross country

    Speech competitions (overall Cluster champions 2013, 2014 &2015)

    School Productions

    Womad performers at school

    Show Day (pets day) Term 4

    Athletic sports

    Camps for Year 4, 5, and 6

    Special leavers morning tea

  • School hats are required to be worn in Terms 1 and 4 and earlier if we think necessary. Purchase a school hat at the office.
  • Personal toys are not to be brought to school.